Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 14. Compared to our day of tagging and tracking false killer whales, the past few days have been relatively quiet. We've seen several groups of pilot whales, as well as spotted and striped dolphins. Collaborator Russ Andrews has been working with pilot whales to measure the relative blood flow within their dorsal fins using a FLIR infrared camera. 

In the evenings, we've had a bit of time to start looking at the Dtag data, although this job will mostly take place after the trip. Below is an example of dive profiles for the Dtagged false killer whale for a 30 min segment of when the tag was on the animal. In the future, we'll pair these dive profiles with sound files, 3-D movement and acceleration of the whale. 
Dive profiles of the Dtagged false killer whale

Sounds from a Dtagged melon-headed whale

Sounds from a Dtagged false killer whale

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