Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Way Home

In the airport heading home now. Last few days were immensely busy. Collecting hearing data on Easter. Than off to a "Familia" dinner overlooking then town of Horta, Faial island, and neighboring island Pico. The last day two days were filled with final PIV work and hearing tests on the last animals. We even caught another large squid. In all, we achieved all the aims of the project including the first hearing tests on a pelagic cephalopod, the first detailed swimming proficiency measures on these deep water large squid, and initial internal and external tag assessments. We caught and worked with 12 squid in all, several over a meter in total length!  Big animals.
Thanks again to our Azorean collaborators, Pedro Afonso, Jorge Fontes and Goncalo Graca, and all the the DOP-IMAR fishing and support staff.  We can't wait to return!

A view from Henrique's awesome house, where we spent Easter dinner.

Isauro, the fisherman leading the pool in number of squid caught. The largest squid is located in the plastic bag in his tank.

Members of Team Squid, having a coffee in Peter Sport Cafe after a great squid capture and transport (Kakani, Felipe, Isauro, and Pedro)

Make sure you follow our next trip to St. John, in the USVI. Max and Aran will be deploying acoustic recorders to examine bioacoustic diversity in a protected coral reef. We leave next week!

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