Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Paper

- We just published a new paper on on the soundscape of local, Nantucket Sound off of Cape Cod..
We assess the dominant sound on Horseshoe Shoals, cusk eels. Cusk eels are a type of fish that make a very loud sound during its reproduction time (the summer). This family of fish is found all over the globe. The sounds are loud, near continuous, making a loud chorus that peaks at dawn and dusk and is acutally lounder at night, then they are during the day. 
 The paper was published in Aquatic Biology: cusk eel sounds on Horseshoe Shoal

Long term spectrogram of July 23, 2012. Energy sources come from cusk eels and boats (arrows). Cusk eel sounds reflect near-constant chatter during the day (noted by the bracket on the left) and evening choruses (noted), reflecting differences in energy levels during the day and night periods. Time was averaged in 5 s bins and frequency was averaged in 50 Hz bins.