Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Squid hearing background

We have arrived in the Azores!  Better yet, there's a nice healthy squid in the tank waiting for us and we hope to start experiments tomorrow.  There's also one in the freezer that we can study before we start the tests. Weather was beautiful when we arrived. 

Our SATA Airlines island hopper plane. Beautiful blue sky when we arrived.

Unfortunately, the wind and rain picked up this afternoon so our time on the water today and tomorrow will be limited. But at least we have one healthy squid to examine and one deceased squid with which we can plan our procedures. We've setup the hearing test equipment and are ready to go!

For a bit of the project background and the hearing tests, check out the Travel AEPs page that describes our Horta, Azores trip.

The field hearing test equipment ready to go. In the tank with the plastic cover is our squid. The dark cover is used to shade the animal. Its natural depth is ~300m so, it's not used to the relatively intense light here at the surface.

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