Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hearing test on a BIG squid.
Another busy day. We caught four animals yesterday, despite rough water. By we, I mean fisherman Norberto and Isauro. We had a second boat relay the squid to shore. One was a big animal (about 1 m length, probably a male) and 3 smaller females.  We're guessing at the sex right now; we don't really know that until we dissect the animals.

Back in the lab, another two hearing tests, some excellent video of swimming behavior and two test tag deployments. These beta-squid tags gather temperature, pressure and acceleration of the animal. But for now, we're only deploying them in the lab to make sure our attachment mechanisms and procedures work well, that we're not very invasive with the tags, and the animal behaves healthy and normally afterward.

Same squid tagged later that day. Note the tag on the tip of the animal.

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