Monday, May 13, 2013

Lots of waves, some whales, and a bird

The week before we arrived in Hawaii the weather looked great. Clear skies, calm seas - we felt a renewed sense of confidence in our choice to run this last field season in May. Yet upon our arrival, things turned for the worse and culminated in some truly dismal weather today. For much of the day, it appeared as if our only sighting of note would be a black-footed albatross attempting to eat a pufferfish. Thankfully, for the albatross at least, we scared it off, preventing it from eating that noxious fish.
The albatross, taking flight after being disturbed from a potentially unpleasant gustatory experience (Photo: T. A. Mooney).

Early in the afternoon we happened upon a small group of pilot whales. After photographing them and deploying the towfish to make a short recording, we returned to the harbor, hoping for improved conditions for tomorrow.
The pilot whales (Photo: T. A. Mooney, NMFS permit # 15530 to CRC). 

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