Saturday, March 15, 2014

Back to the Azores !

Hello from the Azores!  Kakani and Aran are heading back to Horta, a small town on the island of Faial in the Azores, Portugal. Aran arrived today and Kakani is coming in a few days. The goal of this project is to test our new ITAG. The ITAG is an small tag designed to concurrently measure the finescale behavior and local ocean conditions of soft bodied invertebrates such as squid and jellyfish. These animals are keystone species that are experiencing dramatic, climate-associated range expansions but the biology and ecology are poorly understood. Kakani and Aran were here last year to initiate the project and examine ways tags might be attached to these animals. Over the next few weeks, we'll try to test our ideas, first in the lab on wild-caught local squid. If that goes well, we'll try it in the field. But, today is Aran arrived so unpacking and getting settled (although there's talk of squid fishing tonight!)

Aran's plane taking him from the island of Sao Miquel, to Terceira, and finally to Faial.    
Aran's current work station. At the home of Orlanda and Pedro. Great friends and colleagues.

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