Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Squid are around

Just a quick update before we head down to the lab-aquarium. We're working primarily at the Aquarium do Porto Pim. It's a local aquarium that does public displays buy also specializes in select fish capture, stabilization and transport to public aquariums around the world. They have some great tanks they are sharing with us including a very large tank we have been able to hold squid and a smaller staging tank for preparations and tagging.

The aquarium is on the spit of land, just behind the boat. It'd got great water and easy to bring squid to, as you can see. The boat is the Aquas Vivas, the University of the Azores boat. We've been able to use it for squid fishing and transport back to the lab. in the photo above, the captain is bringing in the days catch: 1 large and 4 smaller squid. The large animal was used for ITAG test trials.

We've been able to tag two squid in the lab so far. Above, is the a tagged squid next to an animal to which we may compare. This allows us to determine the effects, if any, of the ITAG on basic behaviors or physiology.  So far, lots of success. All has been great!

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