Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rolling along

Despite some very interesting weather days we've had some substantial success. Yesterday we were deterred from  going out due substantial rain, but the water was surprisingly calm. Today started out calm but the wind and waves picked up. Yet we managed two more sites, Ahihi, which is a state nature preserve, and Molokini Crater, also a marine protected area. Both were abundant with fish and we even saw some spinner and bottlenose dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphin at Molokini Crater.
 So we now have 5 of our 6 sites completed for the trip. This includes visual surveys of the fish and bottom structure, and surveys of the fish as well. We've also changed out the acoustic recorders at most of these sites. Below is a DMON retrieved after nearly 6 months out at Ahihi, and Marc Lammers working on setting up the EAR for redeployment.

DMON on the deck of the OSI boat.

Marc 'refurbishing' the EAR for redeployment at Ahihi

One of many massive coral heads at Ahihi. Over 10 ft in height.

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